Episode 32

Published on:

12th Oct 2021

In the Shadow of American Empire- Interview w/ David Klion

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We’re joined by the Brooklyn Bad Boy himself, journalist David Klion for a wide ranging conversation on his path to left politics from his childhood in the Washington, DC suburbs, Israel/Palestine and the cognitive dissonance of Liberal Zionism, left foreign policy in a technocratic system, and American Empire with Canada in its shadow.


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About David Klion

David Klion is an editor at Jewish Currents and has written for The NationThe New York TimesThe New Republic, and other publications. He has a master's degree in Soviet history from the University of Chicago and has lived and worked in Russia.

About Jewish Currents

As an award-winning magazine of politics, culture, and ideas, Jewish Currents publish quarterly in print and daily online. Currents has received acclaim for it’s in-depth reporting, trenchant analysis, and rigorous cultural criticism, and for it’s attention to literary quality and style. 

Issues Jewish Currents covers include the uses and misuses of antisemitism, the inner workings of Jewish communal organizations, Israel/Palestine politics on the ground and internationally, race and racialization, strategies and horizons of American left movements, the global rise of the far right, diasporic cultural expression, labor, climate, incarceration, immigration, and feminism. Since relaunching in 2018 with an all-new staff and design, the magazine has quickly established itself as an essential voice in the contemporary conversation.

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