Episode 9

Published on:

18th Jun 2020

Defund The Police, Standing for Frontline Workers, & There Is A Better Way Forward w/ Dr. Trevor Harrison

For decades we've been talking about systemic racism in policing and begging for reform. It is clear reform won't do. We have to defund the police. We talk about government failures in anti-racism work, the defunding of anti-racism infrastructure in Ontario, and the denial of the RCMP and Premier Doug Ford that systemic racism exists - and what we have to do to make sure it's fixed once and for all.

We explore the cuts to "enhanced benefits" for frontline workers and the devastating choice workers are being forced to make between their health and their financial survival.

Then we're joined by Dr. Trevor Harrison, a political sociologist at the University of Lethbridge and the Director of the Parkland Institute to talk about a better way forward in society, how we can get there, and how the COVID-19 pandemic is proving what we suspected all along - capitalism is on life support.

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