Episode 42

Published on:

26th Oct 2021

Everything, All the Time, Everywhere - Interview w/ Stuart Jeffries

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Postmodernism permeates our lives and has fundamentally changed our world. Entwined with neoliberalism, our societies and our lives and our governments have been changed by these two ideological movements. Our social safety nets and our socio-economic ladders have ben cut away and we have been left with a world that may be unsalvagable. Stuart Jeffries joins us to discuss and explore what this new type of capitalism means for our future.


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About Everything, All the Time, Everywhere: How We Became Postmodern

Postmodernism stood for everything modernism rejected: fun, exuberance, irresponsibility. But beneath its glitzy surface, postmodernism had a dirty secret: it was the fig leaf for a rapacious new kind of capitalism. It was the forcing ground of “post truth,” by means of which western values were turned upside down. But where do these ideas come from and how have they impacted on the world?

In this brilliant history of a dangerous idea, Stuart Jeffries tells a narrative that starts in the early 1970s and still dominates our lives today. He tells this history through a riotous gallery that includes, among others: David Bowie, the iPod, Madonna, Jeff Koons’s the Nixon Shock, Judith Butler, Las Vegas, Margaret Thatcher, Grand Master Flash, I Love Dick, the RAND Corporation, the Sex Pistols, Princess Diana, Grand Theft Auto, Jean Baudrillard, Netflix, and 9/11.

We are today scarcely capable of conceiving politics as a communal activity because we have become habituated to being consumers rather than citizens. Politicians treat us as consumers to whom they must deliver. Can we do anything other than suffer from buyer’s remorse?

About Stuart Jeffries

Stuart Jeffries is a journalist and author. He was for many years on the staff of the Guardian, working as subeditor, TV critic, Friday Review editor and Paris correspondent. He now works as a freelance writer, mostly for the GuardianSpectatorFinancial Times and the London Review of Books.

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