Episode 16

Published on:

9th Dec 2020

Fall Economic Failure, Global Democracy, & Migrant Slavery

The Liberals gave delivered the Fall Economic Update, chock full of corporate welfare and without mention of the problems that plague working Canadians. The NDP response reflected the politics that we deserve, and the Conservatives grandstanded on issues that matter to mostly no one. How can we move forward?

COVID-19 has shown us that global problems require global solutions. Nation states are simply not positioned to solve the challenges that transcend boundaries, our international institutions reflect the will of governments (from democracies to dictatorships) and cannot possibly move us towards righting our world in the face of nationalism. We need a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly on the path to a global governing body to advance humanity.

The situation for invisible workers in Canada is bleak. Migrant farmers, exempted from many of the few protections Canadian workers enjoy, have become casualties of this pandemic. They deserve better than imprisonment and near slavery.

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