Episode 17

Published on:

13th Aug 2020

Medicare & GOP Tactics, Democratizing the Workplace, & Frances Elizabeth Moore - We Matter

An all out assault by the UCP in Alberta. A deliberate effort to underfund the system in Ontario. Medicare, a universal program that was fought for and won by Canadian progressives is under attack.

It's time to focus on democratizing the workplace. We can fundamentally transform the lives of Canadians through policy that's already in place in many countries and proven to work. We discuss some of these ideas and just how we can bring them to Canada through work at the Centre for Canadian Progress.

We're joined by guest Frances Elizabeth Moore, National Operations & Outreach Manager for We Matter. We Matter was started in 2016 by brother and sister Kelvin and Tunchai Redvers. Overwhelmed by the number of suicides and other issues Indigenous youth face, they wanted to create a space that connects Indigenous youth across the country and provides support and love through culture and sharing.

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