Episode 112

Published on:

9th Mar 2022

NLR Minute 03/09 - Back to Work

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With government making the decision to return to 'normal', workers are at risk of surveillance, job loss, and more. What's at stake?

The Conservative leadership race is shaping up — buckle up, it's going to be a long one. It looks like Pierre Poilievre won't be running unopposed.

Then, we're joined by Tiffany Balducci in the CUPE Ontario Union Hall to discuss the latest IPCC report on the climate crisis, what labour's role is in a just transition, and how we can push forward on what is an overwhelming existential challenge.


Green Jobs Oshawa


A CUPE Cast podcast episode on climate crisis

CUPE National Environment Policy

Green Economy Network, One Million Jobs campaign

CUPE Climate Change Emergency Declaration

Ontario NDP Green New Democratic Deal

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