Episode 62

Published on:

1st Dec 2021

NLR Minute 12/01 - Sick Day Boondoggle

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Our good friends in the Canadian banking sector have piled the cash high during the pandemic and now they are ready to pop in the form of stock buybacks and fat dividend payments — the problem is that they are doing it with our money. Then, the Liberals introduced legislation to give *some* workers *some* paid sick days. It's too little too late.

Speaking of paid sick days, CUPE Ontario President Fred Hahan drops by the Union Hall to discuss Doug Ford's 27th pass on paid sick days for Ontario workers. TWENTY-SEVENTH. During a pandemic and while feigning an attempt to 'fight for workers'. Ontario deserves better.

You're going to want to listen to tomorrow's Counterpoint w/ Dimitri Lascaris and Rupa Subramanya where we discuss all things CHINA. Until then, enjoy this video of Donald Trump saying China a lot.

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