Episode 68

Published on:

15th Dec 2021

NLR Minute 12/15 - Morally Bankrupt Nation

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The call to extend the vote to youth voters has been heard with NDP MP Taylor Bachrach announcing his intention to table a private members bill that would lower the voting age to 16. Now it’s up to the House to decide.

The fear of Quebec reprisal continues in the saga of Bill 21 and the teacher removed from the classroom under the law. NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh enters the fray with a disappointing response. Who will stand for justice? Are we just to accept moral bankruptcy on this issue?

Then, President of CUPE’s Ontario Council of Hospital Unions Michael Hurley joins us in the CUPE Ontario Union Hall to discuss Doug Ford’s Bill 37. The bill has a nice name, but would be devastating to Ontario seniors given the failure of this government to protect them in private long term care.

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