Episode 11

Published on:

8th Sep 2021

On the Trail (25/36) - Is Anybody Listening? Does Anybody Care?

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Justin Trudeau was assaulted in London, Ontario in an act of political violence. No matter what you think of him or his politics, this is not acceptable. An anger that has been festering in Canadian politics is exploding onto the scene and the People's Party is rising in the polls. What does this mean for the Canadian discourse? What does it mean for the future of Canadian democracy?

Don't discount the People's Party. They are here. They are serious. They are not going away. It is a mistake for the status quo and Canadians to think they are a joke. We can stop them now if we take them seriously and respond.

The Liberals have missed the point on housing. Their plan is weak, their solution is lukewarm, and it doesn't address the underlying concerns. We discuss how to solve the problem and what their failure means.

We highlight NDP hopeful for Kitchener Centre, Beisan Zubi in the Candidate Corner! Beisan has a truly unique race with the Liberal dropping out, this one is hot folks!


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Here’s why I never reported sexual harassment while working on Parliament Hill by Beisan Zubi

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