Episode 18

Published on:

17th Sep 2021

On the Trail (33/36) - Octogenarians on Parade

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In the waning days of the election, the parties are bringing out fresh new celebrity faces to endorse their message…. of Chrétien, Mulroney, and Broadbent. It’s campaign 1993 y’all!

Erin O’Toole has tried to position his Conservatives as friendly to labour, but labour isn’t buying what he’s selling. No matter how hard he tries, his history paints a picture that should give working people pause.

Trudeau, O’Toole, and Singh have all now said that the debate commission should apologize about the Bill 21 question it asked of Yves-François Blanchet at the English language debate. Are votes in Québec more important than free political debate and justice for religious minorities?

We profile Hawa Mire, NDP hopeful for York South-Weston, in the Candidate Corner! Join us this Sunday at 3pm ET to make some calls in a final push to send her to Ottawa!


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