Episode 18

Published on:

20th Aug 2020

Prorogation, Fall Elections, & the Worst Year of Our Lives

New Left Radio s bringing you a new format with twice as much content every week! Starting with today's episode we'll be bringing you in depth coverage and commentary every Thursday and extended interviews released eery Tuesday.

What a week it's been too. Big changes to government, what does it mean for progress in Canada at a time when Canadians are struggling through COVID-19? The Conservative leadership race is coming to its end and we likely know the outcome barring an upset. What does a McKay Conservative Party look like and how will it play out with Liberal swing voters, with their economic policy being so similar. It's official, Canadians say this is the worst year of their lives, is it a surprise? NDP MP Leah Gazan submitted a private members bill on Guaranteed Liveable Income, and NDP MP Peter Julian has submitted bills on both a Green New Deal and a Wealth Tax. Where do they stand?

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