Episode 111

Published on:

8th Mar 2022

Run Tough - Interview w/ Irwin Elman

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A life and career of fighting to amplify voices of young people demanding change has lead Irwin Elman to seek to become the NDP MPP for Don Valley West — former Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne’s riding. What does his race look like and what can be done to pry this seat away from the Liberals?

About Irwin Elman

Irwin Elman is an award-winning child and youth advocate running for Ontario’s New Democrats in Don Valley West. Elman was the Ontario Child Advocate from 2008 to 2019.

Elman is an experienced educator, counsellor, youth worker, program manager, policy developer, and youth advocate. He has previously worked as Manager of the Pape Adolescent Resource Centre in Toronto and Director of Client Service at Central Toronto Youth Services. His advocacy has been recognized by organizations including The Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada, which presented him with a “Stand Up For Kids Award.”

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