Episode 84

Published on:

25th Jan 2022

Never Check the DMs - Interview with Jared Walker

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Jared Walker has learned a thing or two working in communications in the offices of both Jagmeet Singh and Andrea Horwath — starting with never check the DMs. Jared joins us to discuss the complex strategies of campaigning, how social media is shaping our politics, and how campaigns of the future may look.

About Jared Walker

Jared A. Walker is an organizer, activist, writer and communications professional, presently working as Principal Speechwriter and Media Relations Coordinator for the Leader and Caucus of Ontario’s Official Opposition NDP. Prior to this, he was Speechwriter to the Leader, Parliamentary Leader and Caucus of Canada’s NDP. He also served as Communications Director on Jagmeet Singh’s historic NDP leadership campaign.

Jared has worked on national and regional campaigns – both partisan and issue-based – in the US and Canada, including most notably serving as the New York State Coordinator of Students for Barack Obama during the 2008 presidential election.

He has also worked in communications, fundraising, and community development for a variety of nonprofits and charities in the Greater Toronto and New York areas.

As a speaker, Jared has engaged audiences around the world on a wide range of issues including youth mobilization, community building, racial justice and engaging men to end gender-based violence.

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